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        Teaching Your Pup to Come When Called People are often amazed that we bring groups of dogs to hike off leash in the woods. “What if they run away?” is often the first question out of their mouths. The secret to having dogs run safely off Read More »

Keeping Your Pets Safe on Halloween

      Keeping Your Pets Safe on Halloween   The scariest day of the year is coming up fast! Ghastly ghouls, freaky goblins, glowing candles, fierce Jack O’Lanterns, ringing doorbells, dropped chocolate bars… There are a lot of things about this holiday that can drive your animals mad. But Read More »

Ticks Make Me Sick!

    Ticks Make Me Sick!     This mild and beautiful Fall has been a joy for all of us at Sarah’s Pet Services. Nothing beats taking the kaleidoscopic rainbow of seasonal foliage and a few lungfuls of crisp Autumn air, but every upside has its down, and this warm Read More »

A Huntin’ We Will Go…

        Protecting Your Pets and Yourself During Hunting Season   Ahhh… Autumn… The cool air…. The crisp nights… The fall foliage… The gunshots…. THE GUNSHOTS?!?   I’ve been walking dogs on the trails of Western Mass for 15 years now, and every fall there is an influx Read More »

Welcome to the SPS Blog!

      Welcome to the Sarah’s Pet Services inaugural blog post! Can you believe that we’ve been providing pet care in the Valley for 15 years?!? We are mighty proud of all the great people. employees, clients, and pets that have been responsible for our lasting success. This is Read More »