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We offer a fantastic way to book your pet services!

Whether you are a new client,or an existing client of Sarah’s Pet Services
you will appreciate our online booking capabilities that will help make your life even easier

Schedule A Service Now!

Need help? Here are step by step instructions on how to make your next booking. This will get your tail wagging!

From time to time clients have some questions about our online scheduling system.

This will explain:

  • How to create a booking.
  • How to add notes (requests) to specific visits.

Example: “Sarah, I would like to schedule the following: PM visit on Sat, AM and PM on Sun, and AM and PM on Monday”

I want it always to be an easy process for you so here are some easy step by step instructions:

1 – Create Appointment name
2 – Select beginning date
3 – Select ending date
4 – Press continue

The next screen will bring you to a question: “Will the schedule be the same for all days?” for this appointment the answer is NO bc the first day is only one visit. The rest are twice.

So click NO.

Then, it will take you through each day asking what service you want and you can select PM VISIT for the first day (at the top it tells you what day you are on) the a drop down menu shows up that asks about the poop pick up. Then you click CONTINUE.

Once you have gone through all the days, it brings you to a screen that says it has been submitted. It shows you everything you have selected and a little blue note pad next to each visit. if you have any special instructions for individual bookings you can click on the notepad, type it in, and press save.