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“Using Sarah’s Pet Service is the best thing I’ve ever done for my dogs. I go to work each day guilt-free, knowing my dogs will have exercise and good company during their day. They love their dog-walkers and their other canine friends. Sarah’s Pet Service is reliable and trustworthy. It’s more than just a dog-walking service–I know my dogs are being loved up while I’m away.”

-Cate, Amanda, Sophie, Lily & Charlotte


“I have been referring my clients to Sarah’s Pet Services for several years and hear wonderful reports back about their work. They are honest, reliable, and pleasant. I know for a fact that they possess very good dog skills as they have taken several of their own dogs through my training classes. I would, and do, recommend them to anyone who needs pet services.”

-Kelley Bollen, MS Certified Animal Behaviorist
Owner – Animal Alliances, LLC Northampton, MA


“I have heard from many veterinary clients that Sarah’s Pet Services plays a key role in the mental and physical health of their canine companions. It is too often that dogs are left home alone for many hours a day and are deprived of their much needed romp in the woods with other dogs. Sarah’s Pet Services helps fill in that gap when owners are busy and provides the exercise and stimulation each dog deserves. I would trust my own dog with them for a run in the woods any day!”

-Samantha Adams, DVM
Countryside Animal Hospital Granby, MA


“When it comes to responsibility, well it seems Sarah’s Pet Services has never missed a walk, is loving and kind to my animal, does extra things like outside lights, makes good music, has funny stories, and takes cool photos. Life just wouldn’t be the same without Sarah’s Pet Services.”

-Margaret Deher & Nesta


“Sarah and Noam provide the best pet care in the valley. They communicate, they care about the well-being of my pet, they are responsible and compassionate about what they do. My puppy Pippa is so adjusted and socialized because of Sarah’s Pet Services.”

-Holly & Pippa

“Sarah and Noam and their team are professional and dependable. And they have such genuine affection for the dogs! We are so happy to recommend their dog walking and long-form dog day trips. Poppy comes home from a day with Sarah’s Pet Services smiley and tired and satisfied. Wonderful!”

-Susan, Rachel & Poppy


“Our dogs love going on adventures and exploring new places with Sarah’s staff! From dog sitting to walking the service has been both reliable and excellent! Sadie and Max are very happy customers!”

-Amy, Jake, Sadie & Max


“Sarah and Noam and their team of dog walkers have become integral parts of our lives for almost 8 years now. And they give one key member of the family—10-year-old Leila, the Golden Retriever—happy romps in the woods on a regular basis that keep her young and energetic. I don’t know what we would do without Sarah’s Pet Services.”

-Jan & Leila