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Sarah Schatz

Despite a lifelong love of animals, Sarah never had a dog growing up. Well, she’s more than made up for it by now! Sarah was a student at Umass when she started a small, part time job walking a few dogs around town. Word spread and her client list started to grow. Fourteen years and many piles of dog bones later, Sarah and her family (and their extended network of canine friends) have learned that the best things in life can be found outdoors.

Sarah is active in the local community, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, a home visit co-ordinator for Canine Last Hope Rescue, and a participant in Leadership Pioneer Valley class of 2013.




Noam Schatz

When Sarah showed up at Noam’s college graduation with a little puppy named Taiko, who could have imagined the impact it would have on his life. After a decade of walking dogs, he has learned much about dog psychology, animal behavior, people behavior, trees and plants, the seasons of New England, and especially mushrooms!





Zoe Dillon-Davidson

A Pioneer Valley native, Zoe’s long term interests include animal cognition and behavior, psychology, environmental studies and hiking, all things she enjoys immensely while living and studying in these beautiful hills. She plans to finish a bachelor’s degree in psychology and hopes to eventually work with the training and care of therapeutic animals for disabled individuals, as well as always continuing to learn and speak the language of dog. Her favorite thing about her daily dog hikes are watching the friendships and relationships between the pups grow, closely followed by trying to document their beauty and playfulness in those elusively well timed pictures.


Ryan Hall

Ryan began his professional career with animals almost 8 years ago as a veterinary technician. Since then he has gained a plethora of animal related knowledge by working in kennels, zoos, pet stores, as an animal trainer and while obtaining his M.S. at UConn. Currently, Ryan’s interest includes animal behavior and the reshaping of behaviors in companion animals. He hopes to become internationally certified as a dog trainer in the near future.

Ryan is currently a foster parent for Faithful Friend Service Dog Foundation. You will often see him with his service dog in training, Aero. He additionally helps train therapy dogs as a member of Allan’s Angels. Working with these programs, Ryan has come to realize the importance of encouraging a healthy relationship between human and animal through training, play, exercise and enrichment. He hopes that by working with Sarah’s Pet Service he will be able to encourage the forming of stronger bonds between other people and their own pets.


IMG_20150704_121735282_HDRMichelle Lemoine

In Michelle’s words:

“Hello my name is Michelle Lemoine. I am 24 years old and grew up and live in Amherst MA. I have always loved dogs since I was two and my family got our first dog Kristi. She used to let me use her as a pillow when we took naps together. I went on to pursue animal science in college and I received my bachelors degree from UMass. I added my first dog of my own into my life about a year ago. He is a beagle pitbull mix named Leroy Brown and he is almost a year and four months old now. I am so excited to be working for this service and to be able to play with all my new furry friends everyday!!”

Pam Powell

In addition to being Sarah’s mom, Pam is our Pet Nanny. She loves to curl up with a book in her hand and a puppy in her lap. She has been doing overnight pet care throughout the valley for several years. Pam has a Masters of Library Science from Simmons University, where she studied archival methods. She enjoys gardening and riding her bicycle.